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Emergency Dental Services in Boca Raton

Even if you practice good dental hygiene, you can still experience sudden, unexpected dental emergencies. In that case, you don’t want to wait. Instead, see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. At Clive Rosenbusch, DDS, we offer emergency dental services in Boca Raton.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Specific dental symptoms usually help you understand when you need to see a dentist quickly. For example, a dental emergency might consist of:

  • A loose, broken, or fallen-out tooth: Tooth injuries that occur during roughhousing or sports can result in a tooth that needs fixing. This is especially important if the broken tooth is permanent.
  • A major toothache: Dull tooth pain often isn’t a dental emergency. However, consistent, sharp, and unbearable tooth pain usually is. The cause is often from a cavity, gum disease, injury, or abscess.
  • An injured jaw: If your jawbone hurts, then you likely should see an emergency dentist fast. Causes could include tooth grinding, gum disease, a TMJ disorder, an infection, or an injury.

Whatever your dental emergency is, please get in touch to schedule your emergency appointment today.

How Can We Help?

We understand that you probably want to solve the problem quickly and successfully. Clive Rosenbusch, DDS, is dedicated to providing quality emergency dental services.

We’ll prioritize you so you don’t have to wait. Additionally, our office offers the latest dental technology for quick diagnosis and dental treatment. You can also stay comfortable with complimentary warm blankets, neck pillows, and drinks. And since we only see one patient at a time, you get our full, personalized attention and care.

Don’t let a loose tooth or a stabbing toothache go without help. Call us today at (561) 394-7888 to let us know about your dental dilemma. We’ll promptly come to your aid with our emergency dental services.