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Dental Implants Will Fix Your Smile | Boca Raton Dentist

A close up of a person 's smile with white teeth.Many patients put off going to the dentist. Whether they’re afraid of the pain, the noise of the procedures or the monetary cost of dental work, putting off dental visits can turn small problems into larger ones. Left long enough and your teeth can be lost due to decay, infection, or physical problems like cracking.

For the most severe dental problems, treatment is a dental implant. While synthetic substance and crowns place a cap over an existing tooth root, implants replace the entire tooth – root and all. If done properly, a tooth implant can potentially last a lifetime.

The procedure starts by removing the existing tooth and root, and placing a titanium implant post into the jawbone. This metal post is the foundation for the entire implant, and it should be allowed to heal for 6-12 weeks. As soon as the bone forms a permanent bond with the metal post, the dentist will attach a second metal connector – known as an abutment – to the post, to provide a connecting surface for the replacement tooth. The dentist will then make impressions, modeling the entire mouth so that the replacement crown perfectly matches your existing bite. Finally, the crown will be attached permanently to the abutment, providing a solid, permanent tooth

We realize that the description sounds really painful. And while there may be pain during the initial extraction, the procedure can be done with a simple local anesthesia. Making sure your smile remains as healthy as possible will prevent having the need for surgery, so make sure to have check-ups regularly.

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