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Why Emotional Eating Can Mess with Your Smile | Boca Raton Dentist

A series of photos showing different stages of smile.We’ve all been there before, something traumatic in your life happens and the first thing you do is turn to something else in order to console ourselves. And chances are, those choices aren’t going to involve eating a salad or having a giant glass of water. No, we will be indulging in a tub of ice cream or a stiff alcoholic beverage. It’s what we know will sooth our emotions, if only for a moment. And so, we do. And then it wears off and we are left with both the bad feelings and a belly full of unhealthiness. It’s a slippery slope we walk when something goes wrong in our worlds. But there are ways to combat those intense cravings when the sky begins to fall:

Talk it out. One of the easiest ways to help relieve your stressors is to talk them out. It could be to anyone – a confidant, a professional or just yourself – talking out the reasons you are feeling the way you are will not only make you feel better, but will also help you find solutions clearly.

Work it out. Believe it or not, but exercise releases endorphins in your brain, instantly boosting your overall attitude. If you’re feeling down, go out for a walk or to the gym. It’s just as good as that chocolate snack, but won’t make you feel bad afterwards.

Hug it out. Love is the strong stress reliever of all. So, grab whatever or whoever you love the most and just love on them for a minute.

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