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Sleep Peacefully with a Snore Guard | Boca Raton Dentist

A woman laying in the grass with her eyes closed.Getting a good night’s sleep is important. But if you snore, you will often have trouble sleeping peacefully. There are lots of reasons as to why someone snores, but there are also solutions to this ailment. A snore guard is an anti-snoring device that’s fitted inside the mouth to help prevent snoring. While you sleep, your snore guard holds your lower jaws forward, allowing for better airflow and preventing obstruction, referred to as mandibular repositioning. While a snore guard is similar to other anti-snoring devices, what makes it unique is that it requires professional fitting from a dentist.

The one-piece design keeps this device simple and easy to use. No need to put together multiple pieces, nor worry about wires and elastic bands. The device may cause some discomfort such as facial pain, teeth and gum soreness, as well as jaw pain during the adjustment period, which can last for a few days or a few weeks.

As far as effectiveness is concerned, if you’re snoring because your jaws fall back when you’re asleep, devices utilizing the mandibular position technique such as a snore guard, can definitely help you. However, if your snoring for any other reason, you may want to look for other treatments.

By getting yourself checked by a board-certified sleep specialist, your condition can be properly assessed and the proper treatment can then be prescribed to you. Whether that comes in the form of a snore guard or any other form of treatment ultimately depends on your health care provider.

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